Top Tips on How to Choose a Removal Company for a Stress-Free Move


Selecting a good removal company can be an effortless and tranquil process once you are equipped with vital tips to identify a reputable and reliable service. This guide will explore the necessary steps for choosing a company that guarantees your relocation is managed attentively and proficiently, thus warranting the safety and professional handling of your move.

Key Takeaways

  • Verify a removal company’s credentials, including trade association membership and insurance coverage, along with assessing the range of additional services they offer to ensure they meet your needs for a safe and efficient move.

  • Understand the various factors that impact removals costs, ensuring to obtain written quotes for comparison, inquire about payment structures, and be vigilant about potential hidden charges.

  • Prepare for a move by scheduling a pre-move survey, booking the removal company well in advance, creating a detailed inventory and a new property floor plan to guide movers, and understand the company’s complaints and delays policies.

Evaluating Removal Company Credentials

A professional removals company with a reliable service


The items you plan to move are more than just objects. They represent cherished memories, financial investments, and often invaluable family treasures. It is wise to perform a diligent investigation before committing these precious possessions into the care of a Plymouth removals company. A significant indicator of reliability in such companies is their affiliation with respected trade organizations like the British Association of Removers (BAR). This membership signals that the company meets stringent industry benchmarks, providing assurance to clients.

Your inquiry shouldn’t end with association memberships. Scrutinize what kinds of insurance protection are available and explore any extra services that may be provided by the company.

Verify Insurance Coverage

Choosing a removal company is greatly influenced by the scope of their insurance protection. Most removal companies provide limited liability coverage that encompasses potential damages to items while they are being moved. It’s crucial to closely examine this policy’s specifics—understand its restrictions and what is not included. Particularly, confirm if it extends coverage to valuable items which may necessitate extra insurance. Conducting a detailed inspection of the removal company’s insurance terms can prevent unexpected complications later on.

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Assess Additional Services Offered

Many removal companies offer a variety of additional services, including lending packing boxes, providing storage options with large warehouses, and services like disassembling and reassembling furniture, setting the stage for a comprehensive moving solution. Relocating involves a lot more than simply moving belongings to a new location. It encompasses tasks like packing up possessions, breaking down furniture pieces, and occasionally necessitating the temporary placement of items in storage facilities. A multitude of removal companies provide an array of extra services that cover these needs. Although engaging these services may increase the overall cost charged by the removal company, they can greatly enhance the convenience and effectiveness of your move.

Before selecting these additional offerings from a removal company, it is prudent to assess their total value against their associated cost carefully.

Understanding Removals Costs and Payment Structures

Comparing quotes from different removal companies


Discussing the financial aspect, let’s delve into removals costs and their payment arrangements to avoid unexpected charges. The average cost of hiring a removal company for a 3-bedroom home can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the quantity of goods, distance, ease of access, and additional services like packing and furniture dismantling. The cost associated with a move is impacted by various elements like:

  • how far you’re moving

  • the amount of belongings being moved

  • how easy it is to get in and out of your properties

  • when you plan to relocate

Yet there’s no need for worry. Most removal companies offer different methods of payments, including installment plans or financing options that can help lessen monetary stress. It’s essential to inquire thoroughly about pricing structures and remain vigilant against any concealed fees.

Analyzing Quotes and Comparing Prices

Abide by this essential guideline when seeking quotes: demand to receive a written quote. It facilitates the comparison of estimates from various removals companies and guarantees that all elements are reflected in the cost. A thorough breakdown within the quoting process can aid in confirming equitable fees and averting any inconsistencies.

Conducting a pre-move survey may impact overall expenses as it provides the removal company with accurate details pertaining to your move.

Checking for Hidden Charges

Universal disdain exists for unexpected fees. Grasping the policy on ancillary costs, like delay charges, is crucial when engaging a removal company. For example, certain companies may implement a waiting fee if they encounter hold-ups during moving day. Addressing these policies openly beforehand can thwart unwelcome shocks and guarantee complete clarity.

Before procuring extra insurance from the removal company, it’s wise to review your existing home contents insurance to sidestep redundant coverage that might overlap with what you already have in place.

Planning Your Move with a Professional Removals Company


Scheduling a moving date with a professional removals company

The experience of moving house can be fraught with stress. Enlisting the services of a professional removals service can significantly reduce this tension. These companies offer a comprehensive range of services designed to assist with every aspect of the moving process, from planning and packing to transportation and unpacking. Their expertise in handling delicate items and skill in navigating unforeseen obstacles ensures that the relocation proceeds seamlessly.

For an optimal experience when utilizing a professional removals company’s services, thorough preparation is crucial. This includes arranging for a pre-move survey to assess needs and establishing a firm date for the move well ahead of time.

Importance of a Pre-Move Survey

Conducting a pre-move survey is essential to the relocation process. It serves to provide a precise estimate for the move and prevents unforeseen fees by determining the bulk of belongings that need transportation. During this evaluation, it’s crucial to notify the removal company about any possible challenges like limited street access or parking constraints that may affect their operations.

Scheduling a pre-move survey in advance mitigates delays and facilitates an efficient moving experience.

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Scheduling Your Moving Date

Booking a removal company for your moving date is like snagging a coveted reservation at an exclusive eatery. It requires early action, particularly during peak times. To avoid any hitches, professionals advise scheduling with a removal company 4-6 weeks ahead of the move. Opting for non-school holiday periods might facilitate an easier move due to better access to these services.

By establishing your moving date well beforehand, you ensure not only that the service will be available, but also give yourself ample time to prepare for the transition.

Ensuring Clear Communication and Instructions

Communication is essential in ensuring a smooth transition during the process of house moving. Open and clear dialogue with your removals company allows for tailored service that meets your unique needs, facilitating an organized relocation.

Tasks such as creating an exhaustive list of all household items and devising a precise floor plan for the destination property are crucial steps to provide to the removals company. These measures enable them to execute their job effectively and align perfectly with your expectations for settling into your new home.

Creating a Detailed Inventory

An exhaustive list of your belongings acts as the foundational guide for your relocation. It enumerates all household items, documents their current state, and notes special considerations needed for their care to prevent possible harm or misplacement while moving. Structuring this list according to each room and By use within those rooms promotes an orderly transition.

This comprehensive record assists in coordinating where things will go in accordance with the floor plan of your new residence, ensuring a smooth adjustment to the new environment.

Establishing a Floor Plan for the New Property

In a similar manner to how a chess player anticipates future moves in the game, picturing your new home’s layout beforehand can be advantageous. Acquiring measurements of each room and designing a floor plan will ensure an effective organization of your furniture.

This floor plan serves as an illustrative aid for those moving the furniture, allowing them to place items swiftly and with greater efficiency.

Selecting a Reliable Removals Company with Great Service

How does one pinpoint the ultimate reliable removals company that will ensure a seamless transition? You’ve done your due diligence with research, become familiar with pricing strategies, and mapped out your relocation. Now it’s crucial to weigh customer experiences and engage directly with the company.

The significance of examining reviews from past customers cannot be understated when assessing the caliber of service provided by a removals firm. While online testimonials are informative starting points, delve deeper by exploring how they handle their client relations for a thorough evaluation.

The Role of Customer Feedback

Independent reviews serve as a trustworthy measure of the quality of service provided by a removals company, revealing candid feedback and direct experiences from those who have used the company’s services. Be wary of flawless ratings that may not accurately represent the true quality.

Websites such as TrustPilot, Reviews, and Reference Line function as independent comparison sites that deliver impartial perspectives on the service standards among various removal companies and removals firms. These resources assist in pinpointing which is regarded as the best removals company, thereby guiding you to choose a reputable company with dependable removal services.

Importance of a Personal Touch

In today’s technologically driven era, finding a personal touch can be uncommon. When a removal team invests effort into grasping your unique requirements, it fosters a feeling of trust and assurance. Tailored interactions that recognize your distinct worries may result in an easing transition process.

Indeed, the act of moving extends beyond mere possessions. It encompasses relocating one’s existence. Thus, selecting a company that regards you as more than merely another customer is crucial for this significant change.

Preparing for Potential Setbacks and Complaints

Despite meticulous planning, there can still be hiccups. Being prepared for possible hold-ups and grievances is crucial when coordinating a relocation. Familiarizing yourself with the moving company’s procedures for handling complaints as well as their policy on delays will aid you in setting realistic expectations and preparing for unforeseen obstacles that may arise on the day of completion.

It’s important to delve deeper into these details.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Complaints Procedure

It’s always wise to be ready for any mishaps, even though we hope they never occur. Being familiar with the complaints procedure of your removal company is crucial should you encounter any problems or differences during relocation. You should anticipate receiving a response from the removal company within three business days when you lodge a complaint.

Certain companies go a step further. By offering independent dispute resolution services which can aid in navigating through the process of settling disputes.

Delays Policy and Contingency Plans

Understanding the delays policy of a removal company is crucial to properly prepare for any unexpected holdups that may occur on moving day. It’s important to know how a particular company handles delays, as some charge an hourly rate after exceeding a certain time limit outlined in their policy.

Establishing direct communication with the removal company can help efficiently address and swiftly rectify any unforeseen complications that arise during the moving process.

Making the Most of Packing Services and Materials

Utilizing professional packing services and materials for a stress-free move


The chore of packing can be exceptionally laborious and absorb much of your time during a move. This process can be greatly simplified by utilizing expert packing services coupled with superior packing materials. Professional movers are skilled at handling items that are bulky or awkward in size, ensuring that your belongings are packed securely and with great care.

Deciding whether to opt for complete or partial packing services has the potential to markedly affect the ease of your relocation experience.

Deciding on Full or Partial Packing Services

With packing services, you can opt for either complete packing services, where experts are tasked with the packaging of all your household goods, or select partial packing services, which involve professionals in packing only certain items that you specify, such as books or kitchenware. Your decision on which to choose will hinge on factors like how much you’re willing to spend, how much time you have available and the complexity of the items needing to be packed.

Choosing Quality Packing Materials

The safety of your items during relocation heavily relies on the quality of packing materials used. Choosing top-notch moving boxes, particularly those made from double-walled cardboard, can mitigate the chance of any harm and guarantee that your belongings are securely transported.

It is imperative to communicate with the removal company regarding any delicate or expensive possessions you may have. This allows for adequate precautions to be taken in handling these items throughout the move.

But, if you are intent on packing yourself, please have a read and check out our top packing tips!

Will A Man and Van Service Save Me Money?

Opting for local man and van services can be a budget-friendly alternative, with providers such as Big Tuna Removals Plymouth delivering custom-tailored assistance at a more affordable rate. These services are known for their personal touch, ensuring each client is valued and catered to according to individual requirements—an approach that contrasts with the impersonal one-size-fits-all mentality of some bigger corporate entities in the removals sector.


What started as a daunting task of choosing the right removal company has now transformed into a well-informed decision-making process. From understanding removal company credentials and costs to planning your move with a professional, we’ve covered it all. We’ve also delved into ensuring clear communication, selecting a reliable company with great service, preparing for potential setbacks, and making the most of packing services. Remember, the right removal company can turn the stressful task of moving into a smooth, hassle-free experience. So choose wisely and happy moving!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to choose a member of the British Association of Removers?

Selecting a member from the British Association of Removers is crucial as they conform to elevated industry benchmarks, ensuring a reliable and uniform removal service, while also presenting an Advanced Payment Guarantee safeguarding your transactions in the event of monetary issues.

How can I avoid hidden charges when hiring a removal company?

When engaging a removal company, ensure full transparency by obtaining a written estimate and having an in-depth conversation about their policy regarding delay charges and other potential extra costs to prevent any unexpected fees.

How can a pre-move survey help me?

Conducting a pre-move survey aids in securing an exact estimate for the moving cost, thereby eliminating unexpected fees. It provides an opportunity to discuss any potential obstacles with the removal company ahead of time.

What are the benefits of creating a detailed inventory?

Creating a detailed inventory helps safeguard household items during the moving process by cataloging their conditions and unique handling requirements, and aids in efficient placement in the new property.

It’s a crucial step for protecting your belongings during the move.

What are the advantages of hiring a man and van service?

Utilizing a man and van service for your moving requirements offers a tailored, budget-friendly option that can be customized to cater to your unique needs.

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