We offer a Plymouth Waste Collection service to domestic and commercial customers in Plymouth. Providing an easy, effective and environmentally friendly solution to your waste worries at an affordable price.

Plymouth Waste Collection
Plymouth Waste Removal

The name is Big Tuna, and we have come to collect!

We offer same-day waste collections anywhere in Plymouth or the surrounding areas, including Saltash, Callington, Torpoint, Tavistock, Yelverton and Wembury, and many more. The truth is, we are a waste removal company that can be flexible to meet your needs. We are willing to work with you to create a plan that works.

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Promoters of Sustainable Waste Disposal

At Big Tuna Moving, we create custom waste management solutions that are not only effective for your business operations in Plymouth but also help reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our prerogatives are to maintain a high quality of service and recycle where we can, to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.

Here’s how you can do your part through a process of prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery and finally, disposal:

  1. Prevention – There are many ways to reduce waste, including lowering the required materials, equipment and furnishings your business uses.
  2. Reuse – Another business’s waste can sometimes be another one’s gold. Something you no longer want can sometimes be easily refurbished, donated or sold.
  3. Recycle – The process of dismantling or separating waste components into their material types, allowing the recyclable material to be effectively processed.
  4. Recovery – If it’s not possible to prevent, reuse or recycle waste, the next best thing is to process it in a way that produces energy like fuel, heat or power.
  5. Disposal – Finally, the disposal of waste to landfill or incineration (without energy recovery)
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Fixed price quotes on Plymouth Waste Collection and Disposal

We understand the importance of affordability and efficiency in waste services for small or medium-sized firms. Businesses are guaranteed simple and transparent waste removal services with no hidden costs on a cost-per-collection basis.

Construction Sites

Construction produces large quantities of waste products during building activities through over-ordering or combining raw waste materials. The good news is these are the best recycling materials; lowering your company’s carbon footprint is straightforward. We’d be delighted to assist if you’d want us to come out and give you a free quote on site in Plymouth.

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Home renovation tools and building equipment

Home Renovations

Rubble, concrete, bricks, soft furnishings, garden waste, wood, tiling, metalwork, ceramics, non-electrical appliances, plastics, carpets and fabrics are just a few examples of domestic waste generated as a result of house renovations. Our Big Tuna waste removal service is fast and reliable at disposing of such waste types.

Home Renovation

Shop Refurbishments and Removals

Is your shop in Plymouth being refurbished, or has accumulated large amounts of rubbish, and you need it gone?

You are likely dealing with polystyrene, cardboard boxes, paper, plastic wrap, and other packing materials – we are all too aware of how quickly businesses can end up hoarding substantial amounts of waste from packing materials. Our waste disposal teams can remove these waste materials discreetly at a time that suits you and causes minimal disruption to your business.

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Fly Tipping Clearances

Big Tuna Moving provides fast and reliable fly tip clearance and safe disposal to local businesses and private landowners across Plymouth and Devon.

Fly tipping can have a severe negative impact on your operations, as well as the safety of your customers, employees, and the general public. We provide a rapid response and comprehensive cleanup service to get you out of trouble fast rather than waiting for Plymouth City Council.

We are an expert fly-tipping removal business with an experienced and committed workforce who will remove dumped waste from your site or premises. We’ll also clear rubbish safely to ensure that the area is left in a clean and ecologically responsible condition reducing the overall impact on the surrounding area. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can help you.

Office Clearances

We’re the company for you if you need a quote on an office clearance project in Plymouth. We excel in office fit-outs, relocations, and furnishings– all while being sustainable and eco-friendly. With us, you can save money and help the environment too!

Please use the contact form below, WhatsApp button or click here to contact us directly on the Big Tuna Facebook Page.

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Plymouth Waste Collection Sectors

Big Tuna provides first-rate Plymouth waste removal services for other businesses in many industries, like leisure, hospitality, healthcare, and beauty. These companies create a lot of waste, resulting in overspilling bins or containers, but no job is too big for our expert team. You can be sure that we will take care of things in the most eco-friendly way, helping the planet one collection at a time.

Removing your waste,
so you don’t have to

Whether you need commercial or domestic waste management, we can easily take care of it, allowing you to focus on what’s important. With our Plymouth waste service, we will clear your unwanted waste so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Waste Removals