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Are you in search of the perfect self storage unit in Plymouth? Look no further.

At Big Tuna Moving, we pride ourselves on simplifying the process of finding the ideal storage in Plymouth for your needs. Our mission is to provide you with a wide range of choices and up-to-date information about storage facilities in and around Plymouth, ensuring your storage services experience is as convenient as possible.

Our comprehensive page compares the best Plymouth self storage facilities based on amenities, location, size, cost, and customer reviews, guaranteeing that you will find a storage unit that perfectly fits your needs at the best price available.

Whether you’re moving, decluttering, or simply needing extra space, Big Tuna Moving is here to assist you every step of the way. We strive to recommend Plymouth’s best self storage units, making us your ultimate one-stop shop for all your storage and removal needs.

Storage Units Plymouth Devon

Struggling to Find the Right Storage Unit? We Got You Covered!

When finding The abundance of options can make it a daunting task when finding self storage units in Plymouth, and the abundance of options can make it a daunting task. Choosing the right company to entrust with your belongings is a decision not to be taken lightly.

That’s why we have invested time and effort in conducting thorough research to curate a list of our top 3 recommendations for renting self-storage units in the city. Each recommendation guarantees outstanding customer service, ample space, competitive pricing and overall service. Whether you need to store personal items or business inventory, our carefully selected options will give you peace of mind, knowing that your possessions are in capable hands. Take a look at our curated list below!

SafeStore Storage Plymouth


Safestore Reviews Plymouth

 12 St Modwen Road, Parkway Industrial Estate, Marsh Mills, Plymouth PL6 8LH, UK

Safestore Self Storage: Unlocking the Possibilities! – Great Access Directly from A38

Discover the UK’s largest and Europe’s second-largest self storage provider where endless possibilities await. With a wide range of room sizes, flexible contracts, and convenient transport options, Safestore covers your storage needs. From small lockers to spacious units ranging from 10 to 500 sq ft, we offer the perfect space for every requirement.

Experience ultimate peace of mind with our state-of-the-art security features. Our store is equipped with 24-hour recorded CCTV and intruder alarms, ensuring the safety of your belongings. Plus, they now offer new large rooms starting from 200 sq ft, providing even more storage solutions to suit your needs.

UK Storage Company Plymouth Devon


 Unit 1 Cannon Mill Business Park, Plymbridge Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7LH, UK

Looking for storage options in Plymouth? Look no further than UK Storage Plymouth! We offer a range of storage units at our Estover location. Whether you prefer a convenient drive-up unit on the ground floor or a secure spot in our building at the front of the site, we’ve got you covered.

Our self-storage services cater to businesses, individuals, and students alike. You can store your belongings in a safe and secure environment with various sizes available. Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour access and the peace of mind provided by CCTV throughout the facility.

Need a spacious room? Our larger units are about the size of a single garage, offering 120 square feet of storage space. With a length of roughly 15 feet, a width of 8 feet, and a height of approximately 7 feet, you’ll have plenty of room to accommodate your belongings.

Armadillo Storage Plymouth


Armadillo Self Storage Plymouth Reviews

 24-26 George Place, Plymouth, Devon  PL1 3NY, United Kingdom

Armadillo Self Storage in Plymouth is proud to support local charities, schools, and organizations in the Plymouth area.

They’ve got you covered with secure and modern self-storage solutions for homes, including external locking units. But what sets them apart is their friendly and knowledgeable staff, always ready to greet you warmly and provide any assistance you need.

They’re the only major UK self-storage company where every storage unit is individually alarmed, and every customer has unique PIN code access to their storage areas and rooms. Experience the difference with Armadillo Self Storage!

Choose the best size for you

Selecting the right size unit can save time, money, and energy. So remember to think first before renting a storage unit in Plymouth.

Opting for one slightly larger than your initial estimation is recommended

Perfect for the contents of a small shed or spare room, such as boxes, small furniture, and other miscellaneous items.

· Equivalent to a minivan (210 cubic ft)

Storage Unit Plymouth 25 square foot

Perfect for storing items from a studio flat.

· Equivalent to a Transit van (400 cubic ft)

Storage Unit Plymouth 50 square foot

Perfect for storing items from a one-bedroom flat.

· Equivalent to a LWB Based Hi-Roof Sprinter Van or Standard Luton Van (600 cubic ft)

Storage Unit Plymouth 75 square foot

Perfect for storing items from a two-bedroom flat.

· Equivalent to one Lo-Loader Luton Van (800 cubic ft)

Perfect for storing items from a two-bedroom house.

· Equivalent to Two Standard Luton Van Loads (1200 cubic ft)

Storage Unit Plymouth 150 square foot

Perfect for storing items from an average three-bedroom house.

· Equivalent to Two Lo-Loader Luton Van Loads (800 cubic ft)

Storage Unit Plymouth 200 square foot

Perfect for storing items from a large three-bedroom house.

· Equivalent to Two and Half Lo-Loader Luton Van Loads (800 cubic ft)

Storage Unit Plymouth 250 square foot

Perfect for storing items from a four-bedroom house and garage.

· Equivalent to Three Lo-Loader Luton Van Loads

Storage Unit Plymouth 300 square foot

What’s The Best Size Storage Unit For You? Let’s Find Out!

Before we explore the specifics of selecting a storage unit, let’s address the crucial task of determining its necessary size. This aspect requires careful consideration, as choosing the wrong size can result in unnecessary expenses and stressful situations. Imagine cramming your belongings into a unit that is too small, or worse, facing administrative complications and unexpected fees. On the other hand, leasing a unit larger than you need may lead to wasted funds and regret over a poor decision. Hence, it is paramount to understand your storage needs and select the right size unit for a successful storage experience.

When choosing a unit, opting for one slightly larger than your initial estimation is recommended. This will provide extra space for stacking bulky items, room to manoeuvre things, and the flexibility to add forgotten items. To assist you with this decision-making process, please use the helpful dropdown above. It features pictures that can aid you in choosing the appropriate unit size—an old saying suggests a picture is worth a thousand words.

SafeStore Storage Plymouth

Make Room For Life with Plymouth Storage Solutions.

Don’t let your cherished belongings take up valuable space. Consider renting a self storage unit in Plymouth for items you don’t use daily. If you’re in search of self-storage in Plymouth, look no further.

Big Tuna Moving leverages our expert local knowledge and our own self storage experience to simplify your search for available self storage in Plymouth. Our three best recommendations will enable you to find the top self-storage facilities that cater to your specific requirements. With Big Tuna Moving, you also have the option to book our removal company services to transport your belongings to your self storage unit and assist you with your house move.

Make the most of your space with secure storage units. Let Big Tuna Moving be your trusted partner in accessing the perfect storage unit in Plymouth. Start comparing now and experience the convenience and peace of mind of finding the ideal storage solution for your needs.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Storage Unit

When choosing a storage unit, Big Tuna Moving understands there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With a wide range of options available, the selection process may seem overwhelming. However, selecting the right storage experts is crucial to ensure the safety and effectiveness of storing your belongings.

Get Expert Advice on Storing Your Belongings – Big Tuna Moving

At Big Tuna Moving, we recommend a diverse selection of storage companies to accommodate varying needs. All of which, offers a great selection from small lockers for personal items to medium-sized units for furniture and even large spaces for business customers. Some even provide specialized climate-controlled units for delicate items such as artwork or antique furniture, ensuring optimum protection from humidity and temperature fluctuations.

By choosing the right storage unit, not only will you optimize your storage space, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are stored under suitable conditions. Our recommendation will help to guide you in selecting the best storage solution based on your unique requirements.

UK Storage Company Plymouth Devon

Moving Day Done Right – Selecting The Ideal Storage Experts for Your Belongings

At Big Tuna Moving, choosing the right storage unit is essential to creating an organized and clutter-free life. Let us assist you in making this important decision.

The Top 3 Features You Need in a Storage Space!

When considering a storage facility, there are numerous features that a facility can offer to assure you that your possessions are in safe hands. Let’s focus on three major features below relating to location, access and security.

Get Smart When Choosing a Storage Expert – Location Matters!

In addition to the size and type of the storage unit, the facility’s location is crucial, especially if you anticipate frequent access to your belongings. Opting for a facility closer to your home or business storage can save you time and removals costs.

A storage unit nearby offers convenience and flexibility, making it easier to retrieve and store items without requiring a significant time commitment. This proximity can be particularly beneficial for business owners who depend on quick access to their inventory.

Moreover, a storage unit close to home can provide a viable solution for decluttering your living space, without parting ways with your cherished belongings. Regular visits to your unit become hassle-free, allowing you to better manage and organize your stored items. Furthermore, in the event of immediate storage needs or emergencies, a local storage facility ensures quick and easy accessibility.

SafeStore Storage Plymouth
UK Storage Company Plymouth Devon

Save Money and Keep It Simple: Why Choosing an Easily Accessible Unit is Worth it

Accessibility is another key consideration. Ground-floor units are generally easier to access, particularly when moving heavy or bulky items. If a ground-floor unit is unavailable or falls outside your budget, facilities with elevator access or moving assistance can be viable alternatives; Opting for a ground level unit can result in cost savings for removals. This is because the removals company will require less time to move your belongings, as they won’t have to navigate different levels.

Ground floor storage units offer exceptional convenience and ease of access, making them an ideal choice for both individual and business storage needs. With a ground floor unit, you can effortlessly load and unload items directly from your vehicle into the storage unit, reducing the need for laborious carrying or the use of trolleys or lifts. This is particularly beneficial when you’re storing large, heavy items such as furniture or commercial equipment.

In summary, the benefits of choosing a ground floor storage unit extend beyond simple convenience. They can also save time and cost, enhance your storage experience, and even support your business operations. Therefore, when choosing a storage facility, the benefits of easy access and ground-floor storage are worth considering.

Don’t Compromise on Safety and Security – A Look into Secure Storage Facilities

Safety and security should never be compromised. A secure storage facility should feature 24/7 video surveillance, excellent insurance coverage, and secure entry methods like keycard access.

Beyond video surveillance and alarms, a good storage facility will also provide a robust perimeter fence, well-lit interiors and exteriors, and possibly on-site security staff. Many facilities today use advanced technology, such as biometric access systems, to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the premises. Moreover, the facility should have effective fire prevention and control measures, such as fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers. It’s also worth checking whether the facility has adequate insurance coverage to compensate for potential damages or losses.

Lastly, the condition and cleanliness of the facility can reflect its overall management and commitment to security – a well-maintained facility is less likely to suffer from issues like pest infestations or water leaks that could jeopardize the safety of your belongings.

Armadillo Storage Plymouth
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Fantastic service and really lovely guys! My furniture was moved carefully and professionally. So easy to book on the website. Fantastic value. When I needed something moved again over a week later, I contacted them with no hesitations. Have recommended them to friends and family too. Will definitely use them again. Thank you! 😃
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We hired these guys when we moved house (August 2022) after doing it ourselves the last time we moved we knew we needed help! They moved everything for us from our two bed terrace in a couple hours. We hired for the day due to the ways of chains when moving house which put our mind at ease knowing it would all get placed into the new house.We also hired them for a move of an upright piano 2-3 person job. It wasn’t an easy task but they took the job on and succeeded in speedy time too.Highly recommended!
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When I called Big Tuna with a late last minute request to move a wardrobe and chest of drawers, he informed me he was able to do it after his last job, which he didn't usually do. So efficient the seller wasn't even ready for him when he turned up not long after the phone call. Everything arrived undamaged, adequately protected and secured very well. Went above and beyond, great service will definitely use again and highly recommend.
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An absolutely amazing team! Super responsive, efficient, friendly and helpful. I couldn't have a asked for more. We'll definitely be using this company again and recommending it to our friends and family. Whether you want a single item moved or several, nothing is too much hassle for them, plus it's an absolute bonus they also offer waste removal too. Thank you so much for all your help today, we couldn't have done it without you! You'll hear from is again soon 😄
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Highly recommended. James and team were super efficient, friendly and upbeat on what was a difficult house move. It was really appreciated on such a long day for all. Also really competitively priced compared to other quotes. Will use them when we next move, if they accept us!

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