We’re the professional movers and packers you’re looking for in Plymouth.

Let us help you with the packing process so that you can focus on other things. Big Tuna’s in-house team of professional movers and packers will take care of everything for you, ensuring your belongings are safe and sound during transit. We use high-quality materials and specialist crates to protect your possessions, saving you time, stress, and worry.

Get a full packing service, and let us unpack everything for you. Then you’ll genuinely have moved under the least amount of hassle. If you would like a packing and moving quote for your Plymouth move or just like some more information, give us a call or send us an enquiry using our online form.

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Full Packing Service

Our teams are experts in packing and will take great care of your belongings, no matter the size. We’ll handle all the packing required for your home or office quickly and efficiently, ensuring everything is packed with detail and precision.

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Unpacking Service

With our packing and unpacking services, you don’t have to lift a finger. We will unload your belongings and pack them away neatly for you. And if you’re worried about all the leftover mixed dry recycling and packaging waste, we’ve got that covered too–we are licensed to dispose of commercial waste by the UK’s Environmental Agency. Plus, if you’re moving to Plymouth, we can also set up additional professional cleaning services for your home or office!

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Packing Consultation

We can still assist you with our experience and expert packing materials if you prefer to pack your things. You will be given a variety of different-sized boxes before the arrival of our moving teams so that you may be confident in your preparations.

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How to prepare before moving day?

Inadequate preparation can spell disaster, make sure you allow yourself enough time to order your packing supplies, moving boxes and wrapping paper; too many leave things to the last minute and cause undue stress.

Fragile Items

When you prepare valuable items, antiques or delicate artwork, you need to add an extra layer of bubble wrap and follow a strict procedure of placing the objects in packing crates. Secondly, mark these items with fragile tape, reducing the chance of damage to a minimum.

Blanket Wrap

You can wrap more significant things in thick blankets, followed by moving shrink wrap to keep them safe throughout the journey. You may also use this technique with precious antiques (remind yourself to remove glass shelves and mirrors before wrapping these individually).

Should I Get A Full Packing Service?

When it comes to moving, many wonder if employing professional packers is advantageous. Usually, the deciding factors are time and whether you are confident in your packing abilities. Professional packers are trustworthy and can remove a significant amount of stress when it comes to moving to your new home.

We are pros when it comes to packing, and our staff takes great care of each item. We’ve packed many things before, and our crew makes it look simple. Additionally, they will use labels, markings and colour-coding to ensure every item ends up in the correct room.

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Do you offer packing services for businesses?

Yes, we do. We can assist with both residential and business relocation jobs. Following a comprehensive plan created during our site visit, we’ll dispatch the packing team to your office to pack everything up; It’s ideal if you want to keep the disruption to your business operations as minimal as possible.

Are you looking for packing companies in Plymouth?

As a removal company, we conduct residential and commercial moving services, so we can assist you whether you need house removals or business removals. Our surveyors will come to your location to make a detailed assessment, so we can arrange all the hire crates and packing supplies you require. The packing staff will arrive at your home or business before relocation and prepare everything as laid out in the plan.

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