Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly in Plymouth

At Big Tuna Moving, we provide a paid dismantle and re-assemble service as well as free services and affordable home removals–all in one place!

It could be that the triple wardrobe or bunk bed you purchased isn’t looking like such a great idea. You’re well aware that moving day is fast approaching, and these bigger objects aren’t going to give up without a fight. Plus, they’ll take up a lot of room in your moving van; don’t worry, our experienced movers have the know-how and skills to disassemble these things on the day of your relocation and even reassemble them if necessary.

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Bringing the tools, so you don’t have to.

Not only do all of our vans come with a complete tool kit, but each of our moving teams includes at least one experienced mechanic. This is because we believe that it’s just as important to have staff members who are capable and knowledgeable.

If you need a small amount of work, such as removing a property door or feet from your sofa, our free services will take care of that. If you need a partial or total disassembly, keep reading.

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What do we dismantle?

All types of beds, bunk beds, specialist beds, sofas, all types of wardrobes, tables, display units, baby cots and much more.

Some furniture can be dismantled and moved in parts, while other furniture, such as sofas, may need a bit more planning and preparation in order to be moved.

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How to book furniture disassembly and reassembly in Plymouth?

Disassembling furniture isn’t hard and won’t take much time, however reassembling does take a bit longer depending on what it is; if you would like this service, please contact us for a quotation, because every item is different.

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