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American Fridge Freezer Removal Plymouth

American fridge freezer removal can be a tricky task, as they are larger and heavier than a traditional small fridge. However, our team of experienced movers has the skills and equipment needed to get the job done quickly and safely. We understand that your American fridge freezer is likely one of your most prized possessions, and we will take every precaution to ensure that it arrives at its destination in perfect condition. In addition, we offer hazardous waste and bulky waste collection at competitive rates. So if you need to move an American fridge freezer or require our recycling services, be sure to give us a call. We offer a fantastic service at a reasonable price.

Please contact us for a quotation for delicate moves like Pianos, American Refrigerators, Antique Furnishings, and Motorbikes. Specialist bookings placed using the instant online booking procedure will be cancelled.

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The Easy Way to Move American Style Fridge – Hire Professionals!

American fridge freezers are big, bulky, heavy and expensive. But surprisingly, people try to move them without professional help all the time. And it’s also no surprise that things often go wrong.

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American Fridge Freezer Recycling Service

At Big Tuna Moving, we understand that disposing of old appliances at your local recycling centre can be a challenge. Fridges contain harmful chemicals and need to be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. That’s why we have a dedicated team of professionals who are trained in fridge removal and fridge freezer disposal. We will ensure that your fridge freezer is taken to a certified waste facility, where it will be dismantled and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. You can rest assured knowing that your fridge is in good hands with our waste collection services.

Our fridge freezer and appliance disposal services can also be used in conjunction with our commercial waste removal and rubbish collection services, enabling us to offer competitive pricing with minimal fuss.


The Dangers of Moving an American Fridge Freezer Yourself

why you shouldn’t try to move an American fridge freezer yourself:

1) They’re cumbersome. American style fridge freezers can weigh up to 150kg, which is more than most people can lift. And even if you can lift it, you’ll need at least two strong people to keep it steady enough to avoid damaging it.

2)American fridge freezers are typically about two feet wide. This width can be a tight fit in most Plymouth homes and doorways. If you could get it through the door, you are likely to damage the walls and door frames in the process.

3)American fridge freezers have delicate surfaces. The exterior is often a glossy finish, which can easily be scratched or cracked. And the interior is full of delicate electronic components that can be damaged if they’re jarred too hard.

4) They’re expensive. American fridge freezers cost hundreds of pounds, so it’s simply not worth the risk of damaging one while trying to move it yourself.

In short, American fridge freezers are best left to the professionals. Save yourself the trouble (and the expense) by hiring a company that specializes in moving large appliances.

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Man holding sign giving tips on how to move an American fridge freezer

Don’t make these mistakes when moving Fridge Freezers

The moving process is never easy, but there are some extra careful steps you must take when it comes to your fridge. Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to avoid any accidents!

Switch Off and Disconnect Your Fridge Freezer

To ensure your fridge’s evaporator doesn’t get damaged during transport, turn it off and disconnect it the night before you move. This will also allow any oils and fluids to settle. If your fridge has an automatic ice maker, you’ll need to disconnect the water hose and take all ice out of the compartment to prevent leaks, spills, or damage while moving.

Remove your Fridges Interior Glass Shelves

Remember to remove the glass shelves from inside the fridge and wrap them separately in packing paper or bubble wrap. Leaving them inside the fridge, increases the risk they will become dislodge and shatter. If this happens, you’ll have to remove all the glass from your fridge and pay for a new set of shelves.

How to Clean Your fridge: Take all the food out and disinfect every surface.

Once you’ve turned your fridge off, immediately start removing all the food and give it a good cleaning. As a result of turning the fridge off, the inside will start to warm up. If you don’t want your new fridge to smell unpleasant, put some effort into cleaning it thoroughly.

Don’t Scratch the Floor

To move your fridge without scratching the floor, gently roll it out of its location if it has wheels. If your fridge doesn’t have wheels, carefully slide a sheet or large piece of cardboard under the fridge and rock it back and forth until it’s on the sheet. Then you can simply pull the sheet (with the fridge on top) to your new location. This method will protect your floor from being scratched.

Protect with Professional Packing Wrap 

To protect your fridge from dents, bumps and scratches, as well as damage to its internal mechanisms, use professional packing wrap to encase it in two layers of protection. First, wrap the fridge in packing wrap. Then, cover it with moving blankets and secure the blankets to the fridge with packing tape. Be careful not to let the packing tape stick to the surface of the fridge, it can be a nightmare to remove and leave a permanent mark on your fridge.

Attach a Moving Trolley To The Fridge Using A Ratchet Strap

To move your fridge, slide a moving trolley underneath it and use a ratchet strap to fix it to the trolley. This will require at least two strong people: one to rock the trolley back and one to push the fridge forwards.

When moving your fridge, be careful and take your time.

Finally, when transporting the fridge, be sure to do so carefully and slowly. Remember to wait at least three hours before turning on the fridge once it has arrived at its new destination. If you would like to know more about our fridge freezer removals service or our unwanted appliances rubbish removal service, please contact us


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