About Us – Why The Name?

Born Out Of ‘Love For The Sea’

James, the owner of Big Tuna Moving Company, decided to name his business after something he loved–the ocean. James grew up admiring stunning seaside views in Plymouth, known as the ”Ocean City” and he has always had close ties to Cornwall; consequently, the name Big Tuna was an easy choice.

Chosen to represent the company’s values, nobody wants an awkward atmosphere; that’s why Big Tuna is always happy to break the ice. Standing out is our goal, and outstanding service is our mission.

Contrary to popular belief, we cannot provide customers with fish and chips during the moving process, and our name has nothing to do with the popular TV series “The Office.” Children should also be assured that their treasured belongings will not smell like Tuna after the move is complete – something some parents like to joke about.

Light-Hearted Approach When You Need It The Most

At Big Tuna, we make customers laugh with our light-hearted approach and excellent service. From when you land on our website, to when your move is complete, our main aim is to ensure you are happy. Big Tuna employees are always eager to help and, without question, will go the extra mile; we look after them so that they will look after you.

We started as a small man and van service in Plymouth, but we have since grown immensely. Our goal is to one day have Big Tuna Moving vans all over the UK, making people smile wherever we go.

A customer-focused removal company that always puts the customer first, we strive to deliver a personal and unrivalled service each step of the way.

We understand how buying a new house and moving to a different location can be incredibly stressful. That’s why the last thing you need is problems with your chosen moving company and their staff.

Every one of our moving teams has at least one member with engineering expertise, as we believe it’s an important step to provide capable staff with mechanical backgrounds. Most importantly, our selection process ensures your team is polite and efficient – all while being able to take a bit of light-hearted banter!